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10 Unique Tips for Becoming a Better Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are often tasked with providing their clients with a wealth of information about the homes they’re selling, but there’s more to the job than just finding homes to buy or sell. In this article, we’ll look at some ways that real estate agents can market themselves in an unconventional way while also providing value for their clients and potential buyers.

Be Everywhere.

If you’re going to be a real estate agent, then you need to be active on social media, have a website, blog, newsletter and podcast. You should also have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s 2022! Be everywhere!

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The Power of Disruption.

Disruption is a complex concept that can have many different meanings depending on the context. In marketing, disruption is a method of creating new markets, selling products to existing consumers in new ways, or improving existing products so they are more attractive to buyers.

Here are some examples of disruptive marketing:

  • Being first to market with an innovative product or service
  • Creating a new type of product or service that has never been seen before
  • Showing people how much better your product/service is than what currently exists (better quality and less expensive)

Be More Than Your Average Agent.

When you’re done reading this article, think about what you can do to be more than your average agent. How will you stand out from the crowd?

Your clients want a real estate agent who knows how to listen and communicate with them. They don’t want an “agent”. They want someone who understands them and helps them get into their dream home at the right price without having to have those multiple offers that everyone seems to be talking about these days. Who cares if there are 100 other agents competing with me? If my clients know they will get personal attention from me when they need it, then I’m going to win that deal every time!

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Do Something Unique.

The key to success in marketing is standing out from the crowd. The more unique your marketing strategy and approach, the better chance you’ll have of getting noticed and getting business.

Think about it: how many times have we all seen a real estate agent’s ad on social media with the exact same old photo of a house and a generic description? How quickly do those posts fade into our collective memory?

A good real estate marketing strategy should be different from everyone else’s, so that when prospects see your post or hear about you through word-of-mouth, they think “oh yeah—that person did something cool.” They remember what set you apart from other agents in their community (or even across town). This can be as simple as finding an unusual place for photos or creating an eye-catching flyer or brochure.

Storytelling Is Everything.

Storytelling is everything. You can use storytelling to sell the home, you can use it to sell the idea of living in that neighborhood and community or school system, or you can use it just as a tool for building buzz around your listing. No matter what story you choose to tell, it’s going to be more effective when you are speaking directly with buyers—and not talking down at them from a billboard.

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Testimonials Are the New Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Testimonials are a great way to build trust with potential clients. A testimonial can be used in many different mediums: your website, social media, print materials, video and even email marketing.

Not only do they help sell yourself but they also bring credibility to you as a business owner or agent. They will show potential clients that others are happy with the services you provide and that you have experience working with them before.

Sell Emotions, Not Houses.

The most important thing to remember about real estate marketing is that you’re selling emotions, not houses. Once you know how to connect people with your property emotionally, they will make the decision to buy.

Start by choosing only one emotion and focus on that throughout your entire marketing campaign: happiness, passion or excitement for example. It’s much easier for people to relate themselves with an emotion than an object like a house or a car – so pick just one and stick with it!

Always Ask for Referrals.

Whenever you bring in a new client, always ask for referrals! A satisfied client is often the best source of new business. They know that you do good work and will be happy to recommend you to their friends. Also, getting feedback from clients is critical to improving your services. If a client says something like, “I really love working with you because you always communicate well with us,” then it’s time to take note of this feedback and make sure that all future clients get this same level of communication and service so that they too will rave about your business! And when asking for referrals, don’t just think about what type of property or clientele would be ideal; think about who has already shown interest in possibly working with an agent like yourself (whether it was through social media promotion or direct marketing).

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Never Stop Learning the Real Estate Business

You can never stop learning about the real estate business, or anything else for that matter. There are always new trends to keep up with, and there’s always someone who has succeeded in doing something you want to do. If you want to be a successful real estate agent, understanding the current market conditions is key. Keep abreast of all the latest events happening in your community as well as nationwide trends affecting housing markets by reading newspapers and magazines, listening to podcasts or watching videos online.

What if you’re not sure where to start? Use technology! You can find helpful information on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn as well as industry-specific networks. You may even get some great tips from friends or family members who work in other fields—they may have advice that applies directly or indirectly to what you do on a daily basis!

Know Your Location Like the Back of Your Hand

It’s a good idea to keep up-to-date with new marketing trends and learn as much as possible about the area where you are selling homes. Take advantage of new marketing opportunities that come along your way, such as blogging, email marketing and social media.

A blog can be an excellent tool for real estate agents who want to attract buyers and sell more homes. It will also help them build their credibility by showing they know what they are doing in terms of real estate sales tactics in their specific market area. It is recommended that agents focus on writing blogs on topics related to why buyers should buy homes from them instead of other agents or companies who might offer similar services but not at such a high level of quality service like yours does!


We hope this article has given you some ideas for improving your real estate marketing approach. Remember that it takes time to see results from any type of advertising, so don’t get discouraged if things don’t happen overnight. With some patience, perseverance and creativity on your part, though, there is no reason why your business shouldn’t grow exponentially!

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