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7 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Photographer

7 (not so well-known) Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Photographer

Almost every real estate agent knows that professional real estate photos help sell a home 32% faster, 92% of home buyers search exclusively online, 83% of buyers click on a listing because they like the photos, and professional photography may increase the final selling price.

Although these statistics are often thrown around on different websites and cited from various sources, they are pretty accurate when you consider buyer trends and the technology, and information available to buyers and renters today. So, here are seven not so obvious reasons as to why you should hire a professional real estate photographer for your sales and rental marketing campaigns.

They are Full of Information

Real estate photographers are full of insights into the market, as they deal with multiple real estate agents each day, collecting insights to how many new properties are coming onto the market (and for what listing price), and how many listings and sales other real estate agents are achieving.

They will also spend time with your tenants (when shooting a tenanted property), who always willingly provide honest feedback and criticisms about you and your agency, which you can take onboard to make the necessary improvements to your business.

Having a good working relationship with an in-demand real estate photographer can have huge benefits for you and your real estate agency.

You should be closing deals, not photographing houses

When you are running around all day meeting and signing up new clients, preparing and launching marketing and advertising campaigns, squeezing in staff meetings, and most importantly of all, closing deals, the last thing you should be doing is photographing your own sales or rental properties.

Save your iPhone for making phone calls and posting on social media.

Real estate photography is a profession

Real estate photographers are working in a profession that takes a great level of experience, natural skill, and financial investment into equipment to generate professional results.

As a real estate agent, it does not make sense to invest several thousands of dollars into a camera body and lenses, a few thousand more into a flash, tripod, drone, etc., and then obtain insurance to cover this gear on the road and in the office. Once you have the gear, you need to invest in the time to learn how to use it.

Creative flare

Subscribing to Architectural Digest does not make you a creative director or interior photographer.

Real estate photographers spend all day composing interior and exterior images, and they live and breathe photography. Their creative flare is born from a passion for telling stories through their wide-angle lens. Their days are spent lightly styling properties and composing stunning images of various homes from cozy villas to multi-million-dollar mansions.

If you can compose better photos than a professional real estate photographer, you are in the wrong profession.

Additional property marketing services

To get the most out of your real estate marketing campaign, you will also need other visual materials, such as 2D or 3D floor plans, aerial photographs, real estate copywriting, digital decluttering, and virtual staging (for empty homes).

Utilising a real estate photographer’s service will enable you to source these extra property marketing materials through one point of contact, which will save you a lot of time and hassle. It should also save you (or your vendor) money, as most property photography businesses offer ‘photography packages’ grouping multiple services at a discounted price.


Real estate photography is an industry with multiple roles involved in the process. After the house is photographed, the images are usually provided to a professional real estate retoucher/editor. The editor processes the multiple RAW files for each composition providing a professional-looking images at the required resolutions for publishing online and in print media.

Some real estate photographers will have their own in-house team of professional image editors, some will outsource it to dedicated professionals and others may do the post-processing themselves using advanced editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Even if you photograph the properties yourself and outsource your photography editing to a real estate photo retoucher, you may struggle to match the quality and price available to real estate photographers who provide the editor/s with the images from several properties each day.

Professional real estate photographers receive a significant discount for the high volume of image editing orders they provide their editor.

You will be paying a premium for a low volume of orders and need to spend months trying to find an editor who is dependable and does a great job with a fast turn-around time. has hundreds of professional real estate photographers who are ready to help you make a great first impressions with your sales and leasing campaigns.

Utilise the user-friendly search feature to find your dream real estate photographer, then contact them via phone, email, or direct message on the platform for a quote or to make a booking.


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