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4 Key Qualities that Make a Great Real Estate Agent

These four qualities make a great real estate agent.

When buyers or sellers are looking for a great real estate agent or buyer’s agent, they typically feel most comfortable using one with the following four qualities.


Specialisation is one of the most important qualities a real estate agent can possess. Agents who specialise in a particular area, or type of property (like luxury real estate), are able to provide greater value to their clients because they know exactly what they’re talking about and have a solid understanding of their market. This makes them more efficient at their job, which saves time and money for everyone involved.


Your experience is one of your most valuable assets as a real estate agent.

Why? Because it’s the best way to learn and get things done.

Experience gives you the knowledge, confidence, and tools to be successful in your job which is attractive to potential new clients. Without that experience, you might struggle with knowing how to sell or buy properties—and even how much to charge for your services!

To become an expert real estate agent, make sure that you have enough experience under your belt before taking on clients or listing properties. If possible, start off by working as an intern or assistant at real estate agency where they can teach you all about their industry while also giving them access to your fresh ideas and enthusiasm for learning new things!

Market Knowledge

Understanding the market: It’s important to understand the local trends and market conditions so you can advise your client appropriately. For example, if one area is overpriced, you might recommend another area that offers better value for money.

Competition: You should have a good understanding of the competition in your area, including their strengths and weaknesses. This way, you’ll be able to identify opportunities for yourself and make sure your clients are getting their money’s worth from other agents as well as from you.

Demographics: Understanding demographics will help you reach out to potential clients more effectively while making sure they’re not wasting their time with people who won’t be interested in what they have to offer.

Negotiating Power

Negotiating power comes from knowing how to get what you want without losing your cool or being rude about it, and it’s important because real estate agents are often forced into situations where they have to use this negotiating power for their clients’ benefit.

A good real estate agent can also negotiate in a timely manner, which means that they’re able to get things done without wasting too much time on the way there. This may seem like something minor at first glance—after all, who cares if someone takes an extra day or two? But when we’re talking about selling houses (or buying), every minute counts!

A good real estate agent knows how much time is necessary for each step of their process so that they can keep things moving along smoothly and efficiently in order to help maximize her client’s profits.