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Gift Ideas for Settlement Day

For the homebuyer, settlement day is a big deal. It’s the day when they get the keys to their new house and can move in. It’s also an exciting time for the seller, who will be relieved to have sold their home and ready to move on with life. Though there are many different ways people choose to celebrate this occasion, one thing that everyone agrees is that it’s always nice when the real estate agent managing the transaction brings something as a closing gift for the new homeowners!

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Going to settlement is a big deal for any homebuyer, and it might be beneficial for you to bring some housewarming gifts for the new homeowners.

The best gifts for buyers from the real estate agent are items that can be used in the house. If you’re feeling creative, consider giving them kitchenware or decor that matches their style or interests. Some ideas include:

  • Candles with a homey scent
  • A set of wine glasses or coffee mugs
  • Gift cards
  • Flowers
  • Decorative pillows

If they have kids or pets and live in an apartment complex, consider getting them some basic kitchen equipment like a blender or stand mixer so they’ll have everything they need right away.

Drinks as Closing Gifts

Drinks are a great closing gift for any party. You can go with alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks, depending on the family’s preferences.

Drinks can be given to the buyer, seller, or both. If you know that both parties are attending the settlement meeting together and will be celebrating together at their new home, it might be nice to give them a bottle of wine or champagne as a symbol of your friendship and good wishes going forward.

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Food as Closing Gifts

Food is a great way to show appreciation. As a closing gift, it can be used to thank the seller and buyer for their patience and hard work in guiding you through this process. Food is also a great way of showing gratitude to the people around you who have helped make your dream come true! Here are some ideas:

  • A basket of gourmet cookies or biscotti
  • A box of artisan chocolates
  • A jar of freshly roasted coffee beans
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Plants as Closing Gifts

Plants are a great closing gift for housewarming. They can be a long-term gift, with most plants lasting for many years. They’re low-cost, which is great if you’re not sure how much to spend on the person moving in or out of your home. Plants are practical gifts because they add life and beauty to any home while taking care of themselves over time. Being eco-friendly also makes them also an excellent choice in terms of sustainability!

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Low Cost Gift Ideas

  • Gift cards: These are always a hit and can be used for anything from clothing to food and tech.
  • Coffee and baked goods: Don’t underestimate the power of good coffee and dessert! Check out local speciality shops in the local area that sell unique coffees and desserts.
  • Wine and beer: If you know your recipient likes wine or beer (or both), consider gifting them a bottle of their favorite type. You can even get creative by pairing it with other gifts—for example, adding a fancy appetizer recipe book or some glasses with your bottle of wine or beer gift set.
  • Flowers: Flowers are another popular choice on settlement day because they’re easy to find at grocery stores, cafes, petrol stations etc.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for gifts for buyers. For more tips for real estate agents, please visit our blog.