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Mar 11
10 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Photographer

When hiring a professional real estate photographer, it is important to understand what you are getting in terms of deliverables, turn-around time, and customer service. Discussing these with your potential real estate photographer, in addition to the terms and conditions related to their services will help avoid any future issues and will assist in securing […]

Mar 07
Memory Cards for Real Estate Photography

Fortunately for photographers, over the years, memory cards are getting cheaper while providing more and more available storage space. The most important characteristics of the memory card are the type, size, and speed. The most common type of memory card is the SD (which includes the SDXC and SDHC); however, some cameras use older types […]

Feb 21
SEO for Real Estate Photographers

SEO strategy is simply a way of ensuring your real estate photography website can be easily found in search engines when people are searching words relevant to your business offering (i.e. ‘real estate photographer’, real estate photography sydney, property photographers Melbourne, etc.). SEO results in better exposure, more website traffic and increased trust from the […]

Feb 14
Tips for Boosting Productivity

As real estate photographers and real estate agents we are all striving to improve our productivity so we can fit in more to each day. The efficiency concept was first used by Henry Ford to make more cars quickly and economically. This was made possible by the development of an assembly line where the same […]

Jan 24
How to Become a Succesful Real Estate Agent: Stay Focused

Becoming a successful real estate agent demands focus and motivation. Learn how to navigate distractions and turn your passion into a thriving career.

Jan 17
A Guide for Real Estate Agents to Grow Their Agency

Unlock the potential of social media marketing for real estate agents. Learn to grow your agency organically and connect with clients effectively.

Jan 10
How to Use Social Media for Innovative Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Unlock success with innovative marketing strategies for real estate agents. Embrace technology, grow your brand, and connect effortlessly with potential clients.

Jan 03
Tips for New Leasing Agents: Real Estate Copywriting 101 for Rental Listings

Unlock real estate copywriting mastery with our essential guide, brimming with tips for new leasing agents. Ensure your rentals stand out every time!